Board of YOU Foundation Uganda

Board of YOU Foundation Uganda

In 2015 I got to know my wife Jessie in our home church in the Netherlands and in February 2018 we got married. In the early years we grew closer and found in each other the desire to go into mission. I felt compelled to share what I once received as a child in Uganda, the love of Christ that came to me through Swiss missionaries, which changed my life. In addition to my job, I followed the Missionary Work training.

Isaac Bakaluba

After I got married with Isaac, our desire to go into mission grew, and we decided to move to Uganda in 2021. Till that time I worked, with my pedagogical diploma, in childcare. But my heart was already going out to the vulnerable children in Uganda. After starting the YOU Foundation in the Netherlands in 2021, we founded the local partner of the YOU Foundation in Uganda, januari 2022. We believe God has plans for a bright and hopeful future for Uganda.

Jessie van Mierlo
Jessie Bakaluba – Van Mierlo

I am Lyada Isaac, I am a born again Christian. With a diploma in nursing, I’m working in an government health centre. I grew up in an orphanage home from early childhood untill I completed my course of nursing. I am the vice presedent of YOU Foundation. I really feel the passion to pass on the privillages that I got from Swiss missionaries. I want hope restored in the lives of children and youth and bring a smile on the faces of those who are in pain.

My name is Dinah Zawedde Sserunkuuma. I currently work with Mercy child care ministries Wakiso, Mende, which takes care of children with no help. And lite saaco which helps Ugandan woman to save and do businesses on a small scale. I am also a gospel musician, singing devotional and motivational songs. I’m humbled to seat on the Board of the YOU Foundation as a Board member, hoping to offer the best help I can afford, with the help of other board members, as the Lord Jesus guides us. I believe the future is bright, with YOU we can make a difference.

I am Kwesiga Pafrah, I am an registered nurse by profession, currently working with Nakasero Hospital. I personally have a great passion for children and relentlessly commit myself to making a positive fundamental change amongst them through influencing their behaviours, cheering them up, protecting and advocating for their rights, and most importantly, bridging the gap between children with God. As we know that it’s through Christ that we are saved.

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