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YOU Foundation

Giving youth and families hope.
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With YOU we make a difference

We are Isaac and Jessie. We have a heart for children and youth. In Uganda we want to help vulnerable youth and families. Our goal is a hopeful future for everyone. We do this by supporting them through family encouragement progams and other projects. We do this by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We provide them with the kind of encouragement they need. You can contribute to our project by sponsoring a child and making a monthly contribution. Together we make a difference.

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I will give you a hopeful future. Jeremiah 29:11

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With a donation you support the work of the YOU Foundation with vulnerable youth and families in Uganda.

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With a monthly donation, you contribute monthly to the goal of the YOU Foundation. Each month we can make more impact in the lives of vulnerable youth and families. With your monthly support we can make a structural contribution.



Thanks to our child sponsoring program we can help children to go back to school. We brought Isabirye back to school so that he has a chance of a hopeful future. Like Isabirye, there are many more young people who need help. Help us to bring more children back to school!

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